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Peace Songs
The Movment For Peace - Top 50 Peace Songs


1. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Eric Bogle
2. Universal Soldier-Donovan
3. Shipbuilding-Robert Wyatt.
4. Give Peace A Chance-John Lennon
5. No Manís Land/Green Fields Of France-Eric Bogle/The Furies
6. Imagine-John Lennon/Eva Cassidy
7. War-Edwin Starr
8. Chimes Of Freedom-Bob Dylan/Bruce Springsteen
9. Whatís Going On-Marvin Gaye
10. Oliverís Army-Elvis Costello
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday-U2
12. If You Tolerate This-Manic Street Preachers
13. For What Itís Worth-Buffalo Springfeild
14. War Baby-Tom Robinson
15. Pride (In The Name Of Love)-U2
16. Anthem-Leonard Cohen
17. Itís The End Of The World As We Know It-REM
18. Politik-Coldplay
19. I Feel Like Iím FixiníTo Die Rag-Country Joe And The Fish
20. Gimme Shelter- The Rolling Stones
21. Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
22. All You Need Is Love-The Beatles
23. Masters Of War-Bob Dylan
24. Happy Easter (War Is Coming)-Robbie Williams
25. Army Dreamers-Kate Bush
26. Some Motherís Son-The Kinks
27. Donít Bomb When You Are The Bomb-Blur
28. Earth Song- Michael Jackson
29. The Beautiful Occupation-Travis
30. American Life-Madonna
31. Zombie-The Cranberries
32. Happed In Mist-Michael Marra
33. Peace Train-Cat Stevens
34. Ball Of Confusion-The Temptations
35. Streets Of Sorrow-The Pogues
36. Peace In Our Time-Big Country
37. Born In The USA-Bruce Springsteen
38. Think Again-Dick Gaughin
39. The Fiddle And The Drum-Joni Mitchell
40. Sam Stone-John Prine
41. Goodnight Saigon-Billy Joel
42. Belfast Child-Simple Minds
43. Where Is The Love?-The Black Eyed Peas
44. Donít Bang The Drum-The Waterboys
45. The Ballad Ira Hayes-Johnny Cash
46. Eve Of Destruction-Barry McGuire
47. Lotís Of Little Soldiers-Matt McGinn
48. Spanish Bombs-The Clash
49. And The Band Played Carrick Fergus-Charlie Boyle
50. In A World Gone Mad-Beastie Boys


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