by Kate Savage
the new athenaeum RSAMD glasgow 31st of May

a roots2thefuture production

Gathered together in the intimate venue of the new
athenaeum,some of scotlands finest contemporary
artists celebrated the life and works of the legendary
Matt McGinn
Proir to this event Matt was commonly known as protest
singer cum raconteur and music hall afficionado,after
this breathtaking 3hour extavaganza we saw and heard
the full vista of the great mans talents,
from quite stunning poetic love poems such as janetta
(performed by David Hayman)
to the bawdy and anarchic Dogs Party ,retold by
comedian Des McLean,
the wonderful soulful rendition of Troubled Waters,by
Mary Kiani,matts song about his struggle with
to the rythmic " Depth of my ego" by Partick Beat
coupled with the stunning protest song "Rich Mans
Paradise" performed with simplistic gusto by the
McCluskey Brothers,
this was a concert which at times touched true
brilliance ie(Shane Mac Gowan and Duncan McCrone with
their Jacobite rendition of Loch Lomond )
and showed true sadness and pathos with Samantha Seth
and the ST Francis of Assisi RC School Choirs singing
of " The Ibrox Disaster "
Diversity was the theme of the evening and it was
really quite amazing how Matts material sounded so
contemporary and fresh,
Horse MacDonald and Phamie Gow, gave an amazing
treatment to matts miners lullaby "Coorie Doon "
and not forgetting of course Dave Anderson and friends
set which included the great protest song "the Ballad
of John Mclean" which flowed seamlessly into Laura
McGhees country version of "Little Ticks of Time"
This was a truly magical night,with a few traditional
Glasgow tradional hecklers thrown in for good
measure,their repartee with the performers was a joy
in itself.
the joy of Matt McGinns work is alive and well,and i
look for one will be looking out for the release of
the the shows recording this autumn
The next part of the McGinn Tribute is scheduled for
this November in New York city ,cant wait.
the award winneres where as follows
Lifetime Achievement ....Shane MacGowan
Best Newcomer....Phamie Gow
Community award....Partick Beat
Bard O'the year......Eddie Allan

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